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11 March, 2020

Joint Rector’s and Chancellor’s instructions No. 2/2020 (III.11.)

The Government of Hungary announced an emergency situation by its Government Decree 40/2020 (III.11.), which entered into effect at 15:00 hours on 11 March 2020.
Pursuant to the above, Óbuda University shall introduce the following rules of procedure in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology as Maintainer:

1) A Rector’s holiday is ordered between 12 and 14 March 2020.
2) A spring break is ordered between 16 and 22 March 2020. Students are requested not to travel abroad during the holidays but to stay at their domicile if possible.
3) A restraining order is declared from 23 March 2020 until withdrawal of these instructions. From then on, education is to continue in the distance training mode.
4) During the period set out in sections 1) to 3), students are prohibited to enter the area of the University until further measures are taken. Electronic rules of procedure are required to be applied in case of the administration of each student affair. In respect of professors and staff, work shall continue unchanged, by taking into consideration the provisions set out in section 5) and further below.

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11 March, 2020.

Dear Students,

Regarding the situation of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak the Hungarian Government declared emergency. Within this framework institution visit ban will take effect from tomorrow in all Universities. Based on this the education at Bánki Donát Faculty pauses from tomorrow (12nd of March, 2020) for an unassured time.
Please not to visit the Campus!
We will inform you any further news via Neptun message.
Please follow my instructions!

Zoltán Rajnai

10 March, 2020.

Rector’s / Chancellor’s instructions No. 1/2020. (III. 09.)