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(updated: 15.12.2020)

Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering

Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, Óbuda University, is intended to establish a creative atmosphere in training programs, where students experience the technical and economic challenges of the era and seek answers to everyday problems together with professors and industrial experts. In its current training profile, our institution amalgamates innovation with traditional education, ensuring the mastering of theoretical and practical knowledge at high standards.

The management of the institution makes every effort to enable students to participate in study trips and special courses abroad. In order to facilitate this, some special subject courses have been introduced in English at the Faculty in addition to courses with language option prescribed in the curriculum. We are working on providing training opportunities for all those who intend to continue their studies, to enable them to find good jobs at the labour market in the future. The Faculty maintains a wide range of partnerships with European universities and colleges and international organizations. Students with the required language skills and study results can apply for study courses of one or two semesters abroad. Students are also provided opportunities to increase their knowledge by one-year industrial practice – as university students – in the framework of so-called cooperative training.

We do our best to make our training programs meet your expectations, to provide a promising future for you. After completing your studies, you can pursue further studies at our institution in the framework of our Mechatronic Engineering (MSc) program, or at our Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences. Whichever you choose, our training programs ensure your future success.

Programs available in English:

Mechanical Engineering, BSc

Mechatronic Engineering, BSc, MSc

Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences, PhD


Institute of Materials and Manufacturing Sciences

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Security Sciences

Institute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering


Óbuda University
Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering
Faculty address: H-1081 Budapest, Népszínház utca 8.

Phone: (+36-1) 666-5345

Dean of the Faculty: Prof. Dr. Zoltán Rajnai

Vice-Dean for Education: Dr. Erzsébet Ancza

Course Director of Mechatronic Engineering BSc, and MSc: Prof. Dr. László Pokorádi

Course Director of Mechanical Engineering BSc: Prof. Dr. Réger Mihály

Director of Doctoral School: Prof. Dr. Cvetityánin Lívia