Mechatronic Engineering BSc

(updated: 05.01.2020)

Mechatronic Engineering BSc

Level of qualification and professional qualification as indicated in the degree certificate:

- level of qualification: bachelor (abbreviated: BSc)

- professional qualification: Bachelor in Mechatronic Engineering

Training schedule(s) and duration of courses in semesters, number of contact hours:

regular (full-time); 7 semesters; 2385 contact hours

Complete training program

Number of credits to collect to earn degree:

210 credits

Optional specialization:

Industrial Robot Systems

Educational objective:

The aim is to train mechatronic engineers capable to integrate mechanical engineering with electronics, electrotechnics and computer control synergically; to complete routine design tasks related to mechatronic equipment and processes and smart machines, as well as to operate and maintain them; to introduce and apply mechatronic technologies; to organize process and production control in an energy efficient and environmentally sound manner; and to perform general complexity tasks of technical development and design, also taking labor market demands into consideration. They are prepared to continue their studies at a Masters course.