Mechatronic Engineering MSc

(updated: 05.01.2020)

Mechatronic Engineering MSc

Level of qualification and professional qualification as indicated in the degree certificate:

  • - level of qualification: Master of science (abbreviated: MSc)
  • - professional qualification: Master in  Mechatronic Engineering

Training schedule(s) and duration of courses in semesters, number of contact hours:

regular (full-time); 4 semesters, 1185 contact hours.

Complete training program

Number of credits to collect to earn degree:

120 credits

Optional specialization:

Vehicle Informatics

Educational objective:

The aim is to train mechatronic engineers capable to integrate mechanical engineering with electronics, electrotechnics and computer control synergically at world standards; to develop and model the concept of, and subsequently to produce the design and production design of mechatronic equipment, processes and systems and smart machines, as well as to operate and maintain them. They are capable to develop and introduce new technologies, procedures and materials as required for mechatronic systems; to perform higher-level duties of management, control and organization; to perform assignments involving technical development, research, design and innovation; to join and manage engineering projects of domestic and international level. They are prepared to continue their studies at a PhD course.