Materials- and Manufacturing Technologies

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    Advances in Nonlinear Dynamics and Vibrations of the Body with Constant and Variable Mass
  2. Kovacic, I.N.:
    Redesign of nonlinear Duffing oscillators to cause linear-like behaviour: two approaches
  3. Fürstner, I.; Gogolák, L.; Milkovic, A. and Bálint, Á.:
    Motion control of several electric actuators
  4. Fabler Hamid:
    Design miniaturized tensile testing machine
  5. Goda, T.:
    On the viscoelastic component of rubber friction
  6. Á. Czifra, E. Ancza.:
    Bifractal Nature of Engineering Surfaces
  7. I. Barányi, Á. Czifra:
    The effect of the sampling distance of the roughness parameters in a case of abrasive worn microtopographies
  8. Soós, E.:
    Characterization of Bolted Joint: Measurement and Simulation