Óbuda University Donát Bánki Faculty and Dahua Technology Hungary Kft. concluded a cooperation general agreement

The Óbuda University Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering consider its emphasized task that develop cooperation with a wider circle with its industrial and professional partners. We wish to accomplish that task with organizing collective educational programs and forming cooperation frameworks being aimed at professional practice locations. The cooperation agreement between Dahua Technology Hungary Kft. and Óbuda University means one of the elements of this process.

The agreement was signed ceremonially on 6th March 2020 at Óbuda University Banki Faculty. They were there at the meeting from the Faculty: Dr. Erzsébet Ancza Vice Dean for Education, Dr. Richárd Horváth Vice Dean for Research, Andrea Barta Head of Dean’s Office, József Balogh Head of Dean’s Secretariat, Prof. Dr. Tibor Kovács Associate Professor, Head of Department, Dr. Endre Szűcs Senior Lecturer, Éva Beke Erasmus Coordinator, Mihály Illés College Assistant Lecturer and György Hasilló Management Administrator. From the Company: Flynn Jiang Country Manager of Hungary, Zsolt Teleki Country Sales Manager, Zoltán Sonkoly Business Development Manager, Enikő Dudás Marketing Manager and Viktor Horváth Technical Support Engineer (Previous student from Bánki).

After József Balogh’s lead-in Endre Szűcs described our security engineering training’s characteristics. A short time after when Mr. Jiang informed us about the company, Zsolt Teleki presented Dahua’s organizational structure and the latest results of the company. Both halves expressed their cooperation intention, in which they see serious potential on the undermentioned areas:

  • - Common professional and training projects
  • - Participation in the University’s bachelor and master training programmes
  • - Applied research and establishing common research centers
  • - Provision of off-site practice locations
  • - Operation of student scholarship system
  • - Joint realization of trainee programmes
  • - Professional social-network development, realization of joint professional events
  • - Promotion of the Partner by the University and support appearance at job fairs

We are hoping that this new agreement strengthen our students practical training and familiarize innovative solutions and modern technology in a wider circle. We are confident that we can look forward to a fruitful cooperation.

It was an extremely nice experience since all participants initiated topics spontaneously, such as study groups, life at the university and offered several programs to arrange in the future.


György Hasilló