InnoVeTAS 2021 international conference was successfully held

On 13th of May InnoVeTAS 2021 international conference was successfully held online by the Institute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering supported by Emerson Automation FCP Kft. at Óbuda University Bánki Donát Faculty.

The main goal of InnoVeTAS 2021 conference is to provide an opportunity for today’s innovative vehicles and for professionals working in the development of industrial automation to present their results and share their experience in the following areas:
- development, production and maintenance of state of the art innovative vehicles;
- measurement and control technology applications;
- industrial automation solutions;
- protection of intellectual property of innovations;
- theoretical and practical aspects of Digital Transformation;
- the science and practical application of the Internet of Things (IoT);
- development of “student-made” vehicles.

Honorary Chairs:

László Palkovics, ITM
Levente Kovács, Óbuda University
István Gödri, Emerson Automation FCP Kft.

Representatives of Algeria, Czech Republic, Iraq, Hungary, Romania and Syria were presented more than 17 scientific lectures. The presentations will be published (Q3) in Journal of Physics: Conference Series.

Associates of Óbuda University presented three lectures:

- László Juhász, László Pokorádi: Industry 4.0 and Modern Maintenance in Today’s Hungarian Vehicle Industry;
- Tamás Szakács: A dynamic model of a pneumobile vehicle;
- László Pokorádi: Probabilistic Uncertainty Analysis of Reliability of Systems with Complex Interconnections.

In addition to his presentation Dr. Tamás Szakács provided a section chair.