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Michel Arrigoni

Michel Arrigoni's BIO:

Michel Arrigoni currently works as professor at ENSTA Bretagne and researcher at Institut de Recherche Dupuy de Lôme. Michel does research in Aeronautical/Aerospace Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. its research activity strongly pont toward multiphysics. Among its current project, he is involved in 'Shock propagation in complex media', 'characteristasion and mitigation of the effects of explosions'."

Abstract :

Considerations About Critical Infrastructure Protection, Practices from Experiments to Numerical Simulation : With the increase of the terrorist threat involving IED in civil urban environment, the enhencement of civilian protection against explosion effects turns to become necessary. Explosions effects are mainly blast and fragments impacts on critical infrastructure and citizens. Actual predictive tools  for the estimation of explosion effects are limited due to the fact that their physical description relies on multiphysics considerations of complex phenomena. This highlights the need of new approaches to increase survivability by retro engineering based on modelling, itsself developped on relevant experimental techniques. The work presented will introduce the notion of soft impact : fluid-stucture interaction, soft target or projectile. Some experimental methods are presented and recommendations are given for numerical modelling.