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Submission of abstracts

Abstracts should be submitted no later than 30 September 2016 10 October 2016.
Abstracts will be reviewed and assigned to appropriate sessions. Authors will be notified regarding abstract acceptance.

Paper submission

The paper must be submitted in standard paper format. The number of pages is at least 4 pages.
This is a guideline in ".doc" format. The paper can be written in English or in Hungarian.
The deadline of paper submission is 24 October, 2016 31 October 2016.

Authors are kindly asked to submit their paper through electronic paper submission system. Papers sent by email are not acceptable. 

Papers will be reviewed and authors will be notified paper acceptance till 5 November 2016.

The selected papers will be appeared in Proceedings of 8th International Engineering Symposium at Bánki [PDF] (ISBN:  978-615-5460-95-1).