The Insitute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering (MEI) – and its predecessors have been operating since the establishment of Bánki Donát College in 1969.

Since 1992, the institute has been responsible for the automotive engineering specialisation (now the vehicle engineering specialisation)  and since September 2005 for the newly introduced mechatronics training program.  

In starting and developing the mechatronics training program, the then director of the institute, Dr. Attila Bencsik, played a decisive.

The course is now available not only in Hungarian as a full-time and correspondence training program, but also in English, with several available specializations.

The development of the H-F curricula, as well as the development and teaching of most engineering subjects, are a hallmark of the successful work of our professors.

 The Institute carries out its teaching and research activities in two departments: the Department of Mechatronics and the Department of Vehicle Engineering.

As a result of conscious human resources policy work over the past decades, the main focus has been on improving the quality of teaching and research, with the entry of both young talented teaching staff as well as experienced professors with scientific qualification.

The Institute’s laboratories have played a very important role in the Institute’s teaching, research and development activities. The electrical laboratory was already existed in 1969, and according to the standards of that time, it was considered state-of-the-art.

The machine laboratory was established at its present location in 1974, but its technical standard was far below the requirements.

Since then, these sites have been transformed into laboratories for information technology, pneumatics, thermo-energetics, flow technology, diagnostics of mechanical systems, metrology, electrical engineering, mechatronics and robotics.

As a founding member, the institute has been participating in the work of the FIOM (Didactic Society for Control Engineering in Higher Education) since 1994. The aim of this “civil” organisation is to promote cooperation between the university departments of control engineering by means of professional coordination.

Since the establishment of BMF (the predecessor of OE), the institute has regularly organised the International Mechatronics Symposium in connection with the Hungarian Science Day events. In the last decade, several student conference series have founded by the professors of our institute.

As a tradition, for decades the institute accepted its own students as farewell, as a member of the “Society of Mechanical Engineers”, which was confirmed by a certificate (obsit).