Scientific Workgroups

Fuzzy Systems Scientific Work Group 

The Fuzzy Systems Scientific Workgroup founded at the Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering at Óbuda University. It is primarily made up of the teaching staff of the Institute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering, relying on the institute’s research and training activities. The most important areas of research activity are fuzzy logic, fuzzy inference and control systems, fuzzy reduction techniques. At the same time, its activity also extends to other fields of computational intelligence, such as neural networks, genetic algorithms and hybrid systems, as well as their applications. The primary goal of the workgroup is to conduct scientific research, to publish the achieved results at conferences and in scientific journal articles, on international forums. In terms of strengthening international relations, an important endeavor is contacting foreign universities, strengthening existing relations, and starting joint research. In order to support applied research, a priority area is the establishment and maintenance of long-term partnerships between researchers and the industrial partners involved in the applications, and the involvement of practical experts in the research work. The research group also considers student talent management, starting and supporting students on an academic career to be a highlighted task.

Leader: Edit Laufer, PhD

Members: Béla András Frigyik, PhD; Zsolt Csaba Johanyák, PhD; István Nagy, PhD; Prof. László Pokorádi, PhD

Student: Gábor Antal, Fanni Zsuzsanna Gózon, Álmos Szabó, Yernar Kenzethayev

Important international activities related to the Fuzzy Systems Scientific Workshop:

Symposium on Fuzzy-Based Engineering Systems (SzaFARi), organization of the international student conference:

International Mechatronical Student micro-Conference (IMSµC) organization of the international student conference:

International Knowledge Transfer Experiment (KTE) project with the Montenegrin company MoDrone, An AI-baseD algorithm for optimized 3D dronE fLighT pAth planning, , SMART4ALL-872614 “DELTA: