Internship general information

 For students of Mechatronics Engineering


Students are required to complete an internship during their studies. The basic rules for the internship are laid down in § 67-68 of the The Study and Examination Regulations (SER).

The internship must be spent on work that is in line with the educational objectives of the university and related to the subjects taught.

The duration of the internship is 6 weeks, there is no time limit, but the internship can be completed after attaining a minimum of 40 credits.


  • The start of the internship is subject to the conclusion of a cooperation agreement. It is the responsibility of the student to choose the placement and to arrange for the conclusion of the cooperation agreement. To obtain the signature of the cooperation agreement by the University, the completed agreement must be returned to the administration of the Insitute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering (NOT to the trainee teacher). One copy of the cooperation agreement, duly completed, dated, signed and stamped, must be returned to the Institute administrator (NOT to the trainee teacher), the other copy must be kept by the traineeship placement.
  • The student may work under a student employment contract. It is the responsibility of the placement and the student to conclude a student work contract.
  • The completion of the placement is recognised on the basis of the completion of a certificate of completion by the placement, and the submission of a competency assessment and a report/work diary to the placement supervisor. The report must be accepted by the supervisor. If the report is unsatisfactory for reasons of content or form, the traineeship supervisor will return the report to the student for correction or completion. The evaluation of the internship is done on a three-point scale: excellent, pass, fail.
  • Students have the possibility to have their internship under the ERASMUS programme counted as an internship.
  • The registration of the completion of the curricular internship in Neptun is carried out by the assigned institute administrator (NOT the lecturer in charge of the subject). The registration is sent to the students by the end of the semester.

Completion of the internship is a prerequisite for passing the final examination.

Students’ duties in relation to the internship:

1. You DON’T NEED to register for the Internship course in Neptun.

2. The accurately filled in “Data Sheet” must be sent electronically in doc or docx format by 15 June to Ingrid Langer at DO NOT SPLIT or MERGE the cells of the spreadsheet! The requested data must be written in 1 cell provided, using line breaks. The following text should be entered in the email subject field (of course with your own first and last name and Neptun code)

Data form_FirstName_LastName_Neptun code

3. Students must send the completed and signed “Certificate of Completion” and the competency assessment to the BGK Insitute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering (fsz. 28) by 30 September or by email to the lecturer responsible for the internship.

4. Students must prepare a report or a work diary describing in detail the activities carried out at the placement. The reports should be delivered to the trainer in charge of the internship in person or by email.

Deadline for submission 30 September.

5. The submission of the report/work diary signed by the workplace supervisor and its acceptance by the traineeship supervisor is a condition for the recognition of the placement.

6. The successful completion of the internship will be recorded in the Neptun system during the autumn semester as an official record, which will then form part of the diploma supplement.

If the student does not receive a separate notification, the workplace indicated on the application form will be considered as accepted!

The lecturer responsible for the placement is Ingrid Langer. Contact: (, Insitute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering, room 28, fsz.

The report should be approximately 10 pages long. The student should indicate the sources of information used (literature, Internet addresses, company documentation, personal consultations, etc.). The form for the working paper can be found in the downloadable documents. It should provide a detailed description of the day’s activities, broken down by day (only one of the two forms, report or work diary, is required).

The company’s designated professional must sign the first page of the report to certify that the task has been completed

The report is assessed by the trainer responsible for the placement. If it is not satisfactory, it may be returned to the student for correction, with a new deadline.

Failure to meet any deadline will result in the payment of a late official reporting fee (as provided for in the regulations).

Dr. Edit Laufer
Director of the Institute