Prof. Dr. Zoltán Rajnai
Dr. Erzsébet Ancza
Vice Dean for Education
Dr. Richárd Horváth
Vice Dean for Research

Director of Education
József Balogh
Head of Dean’s Secretariat
Andrea Barta
Head of Dean’s Office
Management Group
Economic Group
Dr. habil Gábor Kiss

Institute of Safety Science and Cybersecurity

– Department of Safety Technology
– Department of Cybersecurity

Dr. Péter Pinke

Institute of Mechatronics and Vehicle Engineering

Ráthy Istvánné Dr.
– Department of Materials Technology
Dr. Farkas Gabriella
– Department of Manufacturing Technology

Dr. habil Edit Laufer

Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Technology

Dr. István Nagy
– Department of Mechatronics
Dr. József Szabó
– Department of Vehicle Engineering

Prof. Dr. Tibor Goda

Institute for Natural Sciences and Basic Subjects

Dr. Richárd Horváth

Faculty Research Organisation Centre

– Department of Additive Manufacturing and Innovative Design Methodology

Dr. Róza Számadó

Centre of Adult Education