Registrar’s Department

The Registrar’s Department develops, maintains, and protects the registration and academic records of the Faculty.

The office is responsible for matters related to

  • student registration;
  • issuing certificates (student legal status certificate, credit certificate);
  • academic progress reports, transcripts;
  • course registration, exam registration;
  • data modification in Neptun;
  • requests in Neptun;
  • documents receipt (temporary student ID, permanent student)

Head of the Registrar’s Department: Ms. Katalin Kőműves

Contact information:

Faculty’s Stipendium Hungaricum coordinator: Dr. Ancza Erzsébet, Vice Dean for Education

Contact information:

Faculty’s study coordinator: Ms. Gabriella Révay

Contact information:

The Registrar’s Department is located on the groundfloor (room 53) of the Faculty’s building.

International Education Office

is responsible for

  • the admission procedure
  • health insurance related issues (TAJ card)

Further information is available at:

General information

Tuition fees

As a student of Óbuda University, please always refer to your Letter of Acceptance to check your Tuition Fee and Payment Plan. As a reference, you can find below tuition fees effective for those who started their studies in the previous years:

Transferring money to Neptun account

Important note! You should place money to Neptun account at least 3 working days before you want to make any money payment in Neptun!

Placing money to your Neptun account does not mean you paid the necessary payments!

An account owner’s name: Óbudai Egyetem

Bank: MBH Bank Nyrt. (MBH)

IBAN code: HU16 10300002-13268139-00024900


For Hungarian bank accounts:  10300002-13268139-00024900

Comment/description of the bank transfer: you have to specify „NK-XXXXXX, FULLNAME”,  where XXXXXX is your Neptun code, for example: NK-UNR05O, Charlotte Brontë

Neptun login

Student login:

For transfer students

Changing study program/language/institution

To change your major/institute you must submit a request to Tempus Public Foundation (by email to: Foundation until 1 december for the spring semester or 15 May for the autumn semester.

Please also make sure you gather all information from your new institution/program regarding the credit minimum requirements and make sure you can meet those criteria.

It is only possible to change within the same study level and within 1 year from the start of your studies.

The deadline for submission to Tempus Public Foundation and Hungary Helps is the 1st of december for the spring semester or the 15th of May for the autumn semester!

Necessary documents

The request must include:

  • written request of the scholarship holder,
  • acceptance letter from the new institution/program
  • resolution of the current institution/program.

Credit transfer

In case studied at another university, you might choose to ask for the acceptance of courses you previously completed there.

You have to report your claim of credit transfer upon your registration for the upcoming semester (until the end of the registration period, see the semester schedule: at the study coordinator coordinator.

Usually, a course can be accepted if it has a similar credit number and mostly the same topics as our relevant course.

We will need to see your transcript of records, and the descriptions of the courses that you would like to get accepted.

These have to be official documents issued by your previous university, and if they are not in English, we need an official translation as well. You have to fill out the following credit transfer form:

Credit transfer request

Credit transfer table

Useful information for SH students

Minimum 36-credit requirement

We would like to draw your attention to an important part of the scholarship regulations so that you do not lose your scholarship status.

In each of the two consecutive active semesters, you need to complete at least 36 credits.

If the student does not complete at least 36 credits on the average of the last two semesters where the student status was not interrupted, the institute may terminate the status of the scholarship holder by a unilateral declaration after consulting Tempus Public Foundation.

The University will verify at the end of each academic year (at the end of the spring semester) the number of credits scholarship holders have earned.

The obligation to meet the credit minimum also applies to students transferring from another institution. In their case, only the credits earned during their studies at the university can be accounted for, not the credits from their previous institution.

The minimum credit requirement does not apply to:

  • students who had only one active semester (or none) at the end of the academic year;
  • students who started their studies before the 1st semester of 2018/19;
  • students studying in a Doctoral program;
  • students studying in a preparatory program.

Further obligations as a Scholarship holder student -regarding to this topic-, please read the Operational Regulations at the top of the page categorized by your scholarship type.

Scholarship extension

Scholarship holders, studying at Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, may extend their scholarship period by a total of two semesters. In their last active scholarship semester, you have the chance to submit your scholarship extension request. Only a one-semester extension can be requested at once.


  • October 31 for Autumn semester,
  • April 15 for Spring semester.


For further information about the dormitory, please contact Illés Gyurina at

Degree verification