MSc Mechanical Engineering

The training is useful for applicants with a BSc degree in mechanical engineering or mechatronics who want to gain deeper knowledge in the field of mechanical design and welding technologies, and those for whom it is useful to learn professional English during their studies.

What new knowledge will you be able to acquire here?

The training aims to train mechanical engineers who can design, model, then operate, control and maintain mechanical equipment and machine structures. Having theoretical and practical knowledge of welding technologies and procedures for the development of new production and welding technologies. They are able to use energy-efficient and environmentally conscious technologies. Suitable for leadership, management and organizational tasks as well as carrying out the tasks of technical development, research, design and innovation. With their knowledge, they are able to connect to and manage engineering projects at the domestic and international levels. They are prepared to continue their studies in doctoral training.

Possible specialization:

In the current basic level curriculum the following two specialization can be found:

  • Welding technology