BSc Mechatronical Engineering

In today’s job market mechatronics engineers are one of the most sought after and well paid/compensated within the engineering field/compared to other engineers. It allows for a highly interesting/fascinating and diverse work life/career as it combines/simultaniously utilizes the most up to date/modern/cutting edge knowledge from informatics, electonics and mechanical engineering to their full extent.

Why you should choose Mechatronics engineering?

A mechanical engineer can plan the moving parts, and an electrical engineer can do the electronics, while a programmer is able to write the code for it, only a mechatronics engineer is able to harmonize/balance all these aspects/disciplines together to make one well oiled/cohesive system. This is in fact both the beauty and the largest hurdle/crux of this profession for most.

This is the major we recommend for you, if you…

… have a strong interest and prior knowledge of mathematics, physics (mechanical, and electrical), and informatics all of which you are able to manage at system level. If that isn’t the case, then you will have ample opportunities, to learn all this right here, from us.

….  like experimenting, testing out your ideas in practice, and getting to know, witness the fruits of your labour from up close.

… are keen on getting to know the most modern/cutting edge technologies, and applying them to your work/projects

… have new/innovative ideas about the application, combination/fusion of electronics, digital techniques, mechanics, and sensors.

With these skills and knowledge that are obtainable here, you could beome the one planning/designing and constructing future smart devices as well as robots with artificial intelligence!

What new knowledge will you be able to acquire here?

The aim is to train mechatronical engineers capable to integrate mechanical engineering with electronics, electrotechnics and computer control synergically; to complete routine design tasks related to mechatronic equipment and processes and smart machines, as well as to operate and maintain them; to introduce and apply mechatronic technologies; to organize process and production control in an energy efficient and environmentally sound manner; and to perform general complexity tasks of technical development and design, also taking labor market demands into consideration. They are prepared to continue their studies at a Masters course.

Eligible/Possible specialization:

In the current basic level curriculum the following two specialization can be found:

  • Robotics
  • Intelligent Control Systems