Successful training session on the topic of transportation of dangerous materials at OE BGK

A three-day training and meeting took place between September 26, 2023 and September 28, 2023 at the Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering within the framework of the Erasmus+ Capacity Building for Higher Education ( The purpose of the training is primarily to share educational methods and best practices with the instructors of the participating partner institutions.

The event was opened by Prof. Dr. László Gulácsi, vice rector for research, who emphasized the internationalization efforts of Óbuda University and welcomed the representatives of the participating Higher Education Institutions from Kosovo, Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece and Poland. Prof. Dr. Nebojsa Arsic, the rector of the University of Pristina in Kosovska Mitrovica, the professional leader of the DGTRANS project, expressed his great pleasure that close cooperation is realized with Óbuda University in the implementation of several successful international projects. The professional leader of the project on behalf of Óbuda University is Dr. Ágota Drégelyi-Kiss, associate professor at the Department of Manufacturing Technology, OE BGK.

The series of professional presentations began with the presentation about Data centre for disaster prevention by Prof. Dr. Zoltán Rajnai, dean of Bánki Faculty. Two presentations were showed related to the transport of dangerous materials and their preparations from Institute of Disaster Management, University of Public Service: Dr. habil. By Lajos Kátai-Urbán and Csaba Almási.

On the second day of the training, Dr. Arnold Őszi, assistant professor at ÓE Bánki Faculty presented how drones can be called to assist during the detection of accidents involving hazardous materials. Georgina Nóra Tóth pointed out the correct assessment of risks related to transport of dangerous goods, and Dr. Gabriella Farkas, head of the Department of Manufacturing Technology, gave a longer presentation on the quality requirements of the packaging of dangerous materials.

On the last day of the Budapest meeting of the DGTRANS project, we visited the LEAN laboratory, where the methods of our practical training were presented. Finally, representatives of the Óbuda University Racing Team ( held a short presentation about the Formula Student single-seater car construction competition and their achievements so far.

During the training, we hosted nearly forty people at the Bánki Faculty, and they watched the professional materials prepared by our colleagues with great interest. We closed the first year of the DGTRANS project with this training, further the focus will be on the development of curricula and subjects by Higher Educational Institutions of the Western Balkan countries.

Dr. Ágota Drégelyi-Kiss
the leader of the DGTRANS project at ÓE

China Day at Óbuda University Bánki Donát Faculty

In order to promote the bonding between Chinese students studying at Óbuda University, to exchange study and life experiences, and the future potential collaboration between Chinese universities and Óbuda University – on September 26, 2023, the first China Day at Óbuda University was organized at Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering.

The conference was held in hybrid format in the “J” building wing newly added to the Faculty.

The participants (by speech order):

Vice Rector for Research Prof. Dr. László Gulácsi gave the opening speech, warmly welcomed the audience and explained the current situation of the Óbuda University and its excellent results regarding the ranking.

Chief Director for International Affairs Mr. Tibor Bial greeted those present, then recommended that the Chinese students get to know Óbuda University and its students as well as Budapest and Hungary as much as possible. He added: with their knowledge and experience, they can help their fellow students who want to come to our university to study and introduce us.

Dean of Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering & Administration coordinator of Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences (BDI) Prof. Dr. Rajnai Zoltán greeted the audience and introduced them to the interesting history of Bánki, provided an insight into education and the vibrant student life.

Then, the counselor of the Education and Culture Office of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China Mr. Chen Kun highlighted the importance of relationship between Hungary and China in eduction, introduced the basic situation of Chinese students and scholars in Hungary and his wishes for Chinese Students and Scholars Association to be the bridge for future collaboration between Chinese students and Óbuda University. He also welcome Óbuda University professors and students to visit China.

President of Central and Eastern Europe – China Science and Technology Exchange Association; honorary citizen of Kozármisleny; co-founder and president of the Tokaj Culture foundation Mr. Jiao Chao, introduced his bridging work between Hungary and China. Especially, his association in organizing three big Innovation and Entreprenuership Competions, which attract world talents to Ji Nan, China. These can be good opportunities for all students at Óbuda Unversity to practice and visit China.

President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Hungary and Ph.D. candidate at ELTE Mr. Li Jianhao, introduced the official Chinese Students and Scholars Association and he also welcomed Óbuda University (hereafter ÓU) to organize students activities jointly.

Vice president for foreign affairs and DOSZ ambassador Mr. Norbert Bencze, introduced the The Association of Hungarian PhD and DLA Candidates, and his wishes for future collobaration.

Employee in Central European Trade and Logistics Cooperation Zone & President of Chinese Students and Scholars Association in Hungary, Budapest universities branch(CSSAH)& Master student at BGE Mr. Li Boyuan introduced his company and the future bright collaboration.

Ph.D. candidate at Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences (BDI) Mr. Song Yang shared his study and work experience in China and Hungary.

Mr. Cen Xuanzhen (Ph.D. candidate at BDI) shared the collaboration between his home university in China and Hungarian universities.

Mr. Asiru (online) (master student at ÓU) shared his sports avtivities at ÓU and in Hungary.

Ms. Urangua Lkhagvasuren, from Mongolia (master student at ÓU) shared her 5 years studies in China and study at Obuda University.

Ms. Xie Qiongzhen (online) (master student at ÓU) shared her study and work experience in Budapest and her suggestions in learning Hungarian language.

Ms. Zhang Jinfeng (master student at ÓU) shared her study and work experience in Budapest.

Ms. Du Yuwei (master student at ÓU) shared her different study experience between her home university and ÓU.

Mr. Zhang Qiaolin, first year Ph.D. student at BDI shared his study experience in China and his study plan at ÓU.

Mr. Chen Hairong, first year Ph.D. student at BDI shared his study experience in China and his study plan at ÓU.

Ms. Wu Yue (Ph.D. candidate at BDI) shared her study experience in China and Hungary, and suggested Chinese students to take opportunities in Budapest to bridge the relationship between Hungary and China.

There were additional participants from Hungarian-Chinese Friendship Association, chinese students at ÓU and other universities and employees at ÓU.

Ms. Wu Yue

Are you interested in cyber security? Join us at Alverad-Bánki International Cyber Security Conference

On October 25, 2023, Alverad Technology Focus Kft. and the Óbuda University Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering will hold their international scientific conference in a hybrid format for the first time.

The purpose of the conference is to make the latest domestic and international research results available to the expert audience, and to provide an opportunity for young researchers and PhD students to gain publication practice. Our aim is also to deepen the scientific relations between the lecturers and students of the partner universities, as well as our colleagues.

The 1st Alverad-Bánki International Cyber Security Conference provides an opportunity for young researchers and doctoral students to present research results in the fields of cyber security, artificial intelligence, as well as security engineering, electrical engineering and IT sciences.

Application information and registration: