One semester in Subotica as a cyber security engineering BSc student

Our semester at Subotica Tech – College of Applied Sciences through the Erasmus program was an incredibly positive experience for us, students of the cybersecurity program at the Óbuda University Donát Bánki Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering. The cities of Subotica and Palić impressed us with their beautiful architectural styles, cultural richness, and hospitable residents. The Art Nouveau buildings of Subotica, such as the city hall and the synagogue, along with the lakeside beauty of Palić, were particularly memorable for us.

The Subotica Technical College provided high-quality education. In the Web Programming course, we learned how to create secure and efficient web applications. The Security in E-Business Systems course offered us a deeper insight into the security aspects of electronic data management and digital communication. The Applied Research Work course gave us the opportunity to delve into a research topic, developing our analytical and critical thinking skills. The Computer Networks course was essential for our cybersecurity studies, providing comprehensive knowledge about network architectures and security measures.

The direct and supportive relationship between the teachers and students, as well as the teamwork, helped us forge many new friendships and become part of a cohesive community. During our time here, we not only developed professionally but also grew personally. The beauty of Subotica and Palić, along with the hospitality of the locals, provided experiences that we will always look back on fondly.