Project Details

Contract number:

Project title:
2021-1-HU01-KA220-HED-000029536 – Life in the AI Era (HEDY)

58.949.450 HUF

Contribution for Óbuda University:
9.599.100 HUF

Consortium Leader:
Óbuda University

Consortium Members:
AidLearn, ACEEU, Bulgarian Association of Ergonomics and Human Factors, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Implementation period:
november 1, 2021. – october 31, 2023.

Project summary:

HEDY – Life in the AI era is a 2-year Erasmus+ project started in November 2021. In its own title, it provides tribute to Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian actress and inventor (1914-2000), co-creator of wireless communications technology, adopted to control torpedoes during World War II and currently still used in mobile networks, Bluetooth devices and WiFi. HEDY project stands for being a free and accessible source of information regarding the digital technologies of the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), namely AI, by enlightening its possible positive future applications, whilst clarifying the possible impacts. HEDY’s goal is to offer a comprehensive and shared view of how AI is affecting our lives and reshaping our socioeconomic, cultural, and human environments by promoting critical reflection, self-based learning and debate on these issues. The main target (but not exclusive) of this project is higher education audience.