Humanitarian Response Manager (in english)

Additional informations available:

Prof. Dr. János Besenyő, specialised training leader (

Centre of Adult Education
Gabriella Czigány, (+36-1-666-5390)


You can apply by fully completing the online application form on the link below:

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Deadline for application: 15 August 2024

Start of education: September 2024


Subject program description.

The training contract is for information purposes only, it can be collected at the time of enrolment, and it can be accessed here.

Conditions for participation:

Applicants with at least a bachelor’s degree (or at least a bachelor’s degree in the previous education system) can be admitted.

Aim of the training:

The aim of the training is to provide interdependent, up-to-date professional knowledge, marketable knowledge and practical skills to professionals working in jobs related to the ever-expanding field of humanitarian operations / response.

Who is the training for?

We recommend the training to all graduates who want to work in the humanitarian field and who – in addition to a wide range of theoretical knowledge – want to enrich their knowledge by the expertise of experienced civilian and uniformed professionals of international humanitarian operations, before they begin their work in practise. We also recommend the training for professionals who are already working in the field of humanitarian response but have not yet been involved in fieldwork, whether they want to take part in humanitarian action on behalf of governmental or international (civilian or uniformed) or non-governmental organisations. In addition, of course, we welcome all those as well who are keen to broaden their knowledge in this field based on their personal interests.

Main areas covered:

Introduction to humanitarian response, its mechanisms, the factors influencing it and the social groups involved; communication, logistics, and the field of international law. 

Level of education: Specialised training

Method of education: correspondence (140 contact lesson)

Language of the training: English

Duration of the training: 2 semesters

Location of the training: Óbuda University Bánki Donát Faculty of Mechanical and Safety Engineering, 1081 Budapest, 8 Népszínház Street.

Tuition fee (correspondence, English):  HUF 200 000 /Semester

Additional information: In correspondence training, students’ classes are held in blocks on Friday afternoons and Saturdays, and there is also a possibility to participate in the lectures online.